Tandoori or Honey Garlic Wings


Savour the perfect blend of spices in our Tandoori or Honey Garlic Wings or the sweet and tangy taste of our Honey Garlic wings.


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Tandoori or Honey Garlic Wings are a popular finger food that has become a staple in many households. These wings are marinated in a blend of spices and grilled in a tandoor oven or pan-fried for a crispy and flavorful taste. The Tandoori wings are seasoned with a mix of spices like cumin, coriander, garam masala, and red chilli powder, which gives them a unique and spicy flavour. On the other hand, Honey Garlic Wings are coated in a sweet and tangy sauce made with honey, garlic, and soy sauce. Both of these wings are perfect for a game-day snack, party appetizer, or a quick and easy dinner. Serve these delicious wings with a side of blue cheese dressing, carrots and celery sticks, or a dipping sauce of your choice for a complete meal.